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  • Tuesday, 05:14, 16 Aug 2022
QueryOR is designed to facilitate the analysis of human variants from exome and genome sequencing. It takes as input Variant Call Format (VCF) files produced using GRCh37/hg19 reference genome and automatically performs an extensive number of analyses on the variants. Then, it helps in the selection of candidate causative variants, allowing a dynamic interactive search on the results. Many criteria of prioritization can be defined. Rather than working on progressive filtering steps with arbitrary thresholds, QueryOR applies a prioritization strategy based on scores and weights assigned to filtering features, ranking all the variants accordingly.

Clicking on Trial Data it is possible to explore almost all the features available on QueryOR, analyzing already loaded projects mainly constituted by trio cases. Before enjoying your trial, we suggest to take a look at the Quick tour or the Video Clip.
For all other information please see the user manual.
Recent Updates
Solved a bug related to VCF column containing chromosome name. 21-06-2017
QueryOR paper has been published on BMC Bioinformatics and it is available following the link . 28-04-2017
Explanation of how to load a custom table added to the User Manual. 28-03-2017
Improvement of some prioritization criteria. 27-03-2017
New system for facilitating Compound Heterozygosity detection withing Gene Analysis step. 14-10-2016
New custom queries added. 13-10-2016
Renaming of prioritization criteria. 12-10-2016
Fixed a bug related to non-common chromosome names. 12-09-2016
Modification of the Homozigosity (stricted) criterion. 21-06-2016
New system for VCF loading. 18-03-2016
Improvement of query page speed creation. 08-03-2016
Added QueryOR filter description. 09-02-2016
Added QueryOR glossary. 09-02-2016
Added QueryOR user manual. 09-02-2016
Added QueryOR tutorial. 09-02-2016
New QueryOR home page. 08-02-2016
New system for sample pattern definition. 23-11-2015
COSMIC update to version 74. 10-11-2015
Improvement of project upload performances. 05-11-2015
Phenotype Ontology update to version 98. 29-10-2015
New criterion related to the real allele frequency (different from gmaf). 06-10-2015
New download system for tsv report. 06-10-2015
New variants annotation method. 06-10-2015
Clinvar update. 06-10-2015
Added new prediction and conservation scores for the variants. 06-10-2015
dbSNP update to version 144. 06-10-2015
Ensembl update from version GRCh37.68 to GRCh37.75. 22-09-2015
GO update. 22-09-2015
InterPro update. 22-09-2015
OMIM update. 22-09-2015
Improvement of summary's creation speed. 25-08-2015
Change of NHLBI MAF criteria. 24-08-2015
Added a new tool for custom tables loading in the query page. 31-07-2015
Added new features to the final report. 31-07-2015
Added the autocomplete function on keyword fields. 14-07-2015
New website address 14-07-2015
Amelioration of results matrix. 14-07-2015
Improvement of engine's speed. 09-07-2015
Improvement of GMAF criterion. 22-06-2015
Amelioration of Gene Name and Gene ID criteria. 22-06-2015
AND/OR logic implementation. 22-06-2015
Added GTEx. 22-06-2015
Modification of criteria disposition. 05-06-2015
Added phenotype ontology and disease ontology. 05-06-2015
Added filters on KEGG and reactome. 05-06-2015
Added a new feature on the results table. 19-05-2015
Fixed a bug related to multi-filter queries. 19-05-2015
Added the possibility to update an existing project. 13-05-2015
Added the variants summary tables. 06-05-2015
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